Evaluation of the group project:

Evaluation of Yemen conflict group project:

– what have you learned from working on this project, both from your own work and you classmates?

I have learned a lot more about the conflict in Yemen, which I didn’t know anything about before. I have learned the seriousness of the conflict and about the child soldiers. I got more aware of the conflict and the statistics of how horrifying it is in the conflict and how bad the living situation is there.
– how did you try to create awareness among the students at our school about this conflict?

I tried to make other students aware of the conflict in Yemen by making a poster of how the people in Yemen are affected by the civil war, how the living circumstances are and some horrifying statistics.
– how did it work out? Pros and cons of doing this.

Making the poster went fine, it was nice to do something else in class than what we mostly do. The cooperation with the other classmates was good and I think my group were effective and worked good together.

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