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Hi, my name is Rebecca and this is my International English blog.

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Desert Flower – Waris Dirie

Find out more about her activism and make a presentation: Waris Dirie are a somalin fashion model, author and women’s rights activist known for her work to eliminate female circumcision. She was born in 1965 and was one of 12 children in a large nomadic family living near Somalia’s border to Ethiopia. She spent herFortsett å lese «Desert Flower – Waris Dirie»

The Cultural Iceberg

Read about the Cultural Iceberg in the attached document called Across Cultures and write a blog post explaining what this is and how this kind of thinking should influence the way we look at culture and communication The Cultural Iceberg The cultural iceberg is a method, that is used for explaining what culture is byFortsett å lese «The Cultural Iceberg»

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